Malaysian Internet surfing habits

Based on the site statistic for this blog "IT-Sideways Tech Blog", I manage to capture a little insights into the surfing habits of Malaysian.

First of all, to make my claims, let me show you the following statistic for visit per day for this week (7 - 13 December 2005)

As you may notice, the traffic started off with higher volume from beginning of the week and then measured the lowest point on 10-Dec-05 and 11-Dec-05, which as Saturday and Sunday respectively. This shows that there are lesser surfing traffic during the weekends. The traffic volume moves up again after the weekends.

Now to prove that these people are mostly Malaysian. I have the following extracts:

Based on 100 visits of recent statistic, the traffic consists of 48% of Malaysian. That accounts for majority.

Search Engines Know Me?
If we agreed to the concept that "a Malaysian blogger contents should apply more to Malaysian." Thus this means that search engines know where I am from.

How do they manage this ?
--> Based on IP address or others metrics, I am not sure.

Or it is true that what I wrote applies more to Malaysian ? --> Probably.

Many Malaysian only surf the Internet for various purposes during office hours. During the weekends, they are quite unplugged.


Anonymous said…
Nice one,.. basically what you are saying is that malaysian spend more time surfing in the office then errr,... working :p
Brandon Teoh said…
yalar.. actually this is quite subjective also.

Many executives rely on the Internet for knowledge. You can't learn everything in school and you have to keep learning.

And these days, the Internet also serves as your storage and even business channel.

Not many people working during the weekends.