MiTV putting a new spin on TV

I recently obtained a brochure from MiTV promoting their service.

180 degree from ordinary:

This is a whole new world of entertaintment. New sights. New sounds. New colors.

Every turn reveals a new screen, every screen reveals new layers, and every layer reveals new depths. Every channel, every program, every show, every news flash is prime. Every moment is prime time.

Because this is not just tv. This is MiTV.

So this is their market positioning statement..

MiTV's Technology:
MiTV's broadcast technology was developed by our research and development team over a period of five years. The end results were a cost effective system of high speed delivery using Internet protocol (IP) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) transmission. With the additional use of Digital Video Broadcast standards (DVB-T), MiTV has termed this homegrown systems IP over DVB-T.

By leveraging on the low cost infrastructure of UHF and internet technologies, MiTV has developed an affordable high speed pay TV service that not only delivers content but also includes all the advantages of the web, from instant messaging, email to web surfing.

Watch and interact with fun services

1. Pre-Packaged Play out Channels
These are the traditional broadcast TV channels that are "enhanced" by the content owner and MiTV with interactive elements. Examples of interactive elements would include quizzes, live chat, polling, etc.

2. Content on Demand
Contend on demand is a convenient service which allows MiTV subscribers to choose what they want to watch from a variety of content such as music videos as and when they want to watch it.

3. Mailzone
A basic interactive service that has great value to the user, allowing user to access their email through the same interface as the other services. in fact a user will be able to use their email account while watching broadcast content.

4. Chatzone
MiTV online chat room let's users chat in real time with the MiTV community. This service allows different users in different locations to interact while watching TV.

5. Web Garden
The web garden is web based content just for MiTV users. Users will be able to explore MiTV channel and business partners' websites and get access to some exclusive services.

6. World Wide Web
Access to the public Internet on your TV throught built-in web browser.

7. Games
Ranging from classic, action to adventures categories, these games are stored in the MiTV box and can be played at any time.

8. Civic Toons
This will entertain viewers with short and funny flash animations with an educational or civic message.

9. i-SPOT
A section containing various types of information for users, including reviews, recipes and DIY information.

10. Funzone
Fun Zone contains entertaining and interactive flash based contents that users can access at anytime on-demand.

11. kids
just for kids this section will contain an interactive adventure animation and other fun stuff for children.
--> You need to use a PC for the interaction, with the help of another device.

The box?
when you subscribed to MiTV, the box will contain:
1. Internet multimedia Terminal (IMT)
2. MiTV Smart Card
3. Remote Control
4. Batteries:
2 x 1.5v type AAA
5. Audio cable
6. Video cable
7. s-Video cable
8. RF cable
9. telephone cable
10. Telephone; 2-way spitter
11. Warranty card
12. User manual
13. Quick installation guide.

Performance ?
It is still to early to tell. They need at least 6 more months.

Iman Shah during the Korea-Malaysia ICT Business Forum (13 Dec 2005) said..
We are in the business of advertisement, content is just a manipulative.


Anonymous said…
Hehe lets get to the bottom line can MiTV Internet connectivity be use on my computer? whats going to me the speed? any idea? :p
Brandon Teoh said…
First of all, I am not expert. But based on the brochure, the diagram for information interactivity is as the following:

Information Flow Diagram

This means that users will interact with MiTV via own internet connection.

In my blog I mentioned that users interact with the Set-Top box via another device connected to the PC. I think it is WRONG. Sorry!

Conclusion is that users will interact with MiTV using PC through existing Internet service (TmNET, Jaring and etc) and then the Transmitter will update the set-top box and the PC via its antenna.

The set-top box is something like Playstation box where it provides storage capability.
Anonymous said…
i m not so concern bout its technology, anyway, who cares? Important is, they should show us what we want to see, do some market research. Have a look at their channels, who wants to subscribe that?
Anonymous said…
My dad-in-law has just subscribed to MiTV.. I must say that it is better than I expected. Though I can't relate to all their channels (indian, french, thai etc), I do find that ChannelNewsAsia, CCTV9, ARIRANG/KBS (Korean) are pretty enjoyable to watch.. Well, of course their FashionTV is my favourite :)
Also RM30 is pretty on the pocket (yep, I am sponsoring it *sobsob*)
Brandon Teoh said…
wow.. great. I never thought someone actually subscribed to it..

the system looks quite troublesome to me..