stress blog lifestyle

Stress blocked lifestyle.

When someone writes a blog, it is imperative that he or she maintains it and response to queries. Indeed blogs maintenance can be really stressing when the reader is required to read through a lot of comments. Take an example, xiaxue-blogs by a Singaporean girl where for her entry about "how sucks is the capital city of Malaysia", it recorded 383 comments at the time of this writting.

As a reader, not only its lenghty blog gives me headache, the comments totally kill me. I never bother to read the comments and thus never comment on it. And I feel that the author must be suffering from "forces of deleterious nature that disturb it normal physiology equilibrium". This it a good phrase to express my situation when attempted to appreciate the beauty of xiaxue's writtings and its comments.

Now I can understand why becoming a CEO is so stressful, because you just have to know everything. or Shouldn't you ?

What Blogspot should contribute?

To help reduce stress in the blogsphere, blogspot should do the following:

1. Create tools to help blog-reader to read blogs.
2. Create functions which would consolidate similar-meaning comments into a "zip" so that no time is wasted reading and comprehending similar occurrences of "stress".


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