Webstore shipments hold clue to holiday sales

Star In.Tech - 22 December 2005, Reuters

According to data compiled by Internet measurement firm Hitwise for Reuters (thus hitwise sell information to Reuters and the latter sold it to The Star) that Wal-Mart, Amazon and Apple Computer, along with perennial e-commerce leader eBay Inc, seem to be having the most success converting online window-shopping forays into real purchases.

Metric ?
How they measure it ?

They compared the traffic data between these online retailers and that of shipping company websites such as UPS, DHL and FedEx.

Spartial Conclusion:

According to Hitwise, online sales during this holiday season peaks where Internet traffic is.

To argue this point, let's investigate the traffic coming into this tech blog.

If one may notice, traffic coming into this blog peaked just a few days before holiday. During December 24-25, 2005, traffic soften off.

Based on the referring URL as above, one may notice that searches are majority result of personal computing forays where people are looking at ways to determine why can't they perform windows update.

Therefore, with assumption that this blog is techie-centric, the following conclusions derived:
1. The notion that e-Commerce peaks during holiday season is true when people don't search for technical stuff.
2. People tends to finish off work by investing vigorous web searching for technical stuff before the start of holiday season. This can be witnessed from the peak of this blog's traffic during December 20-23,2005.
3. On the average, people surf the Internet all the time, except that the focus is different - into leisure.