What is successful?

I have always been thinking about being somebody since young age. This could be due to the influences from my parents who always complained about my school grades. I have always dreamt of being appeared on front page of the newspaper in my country. The super mighty Malaysia - A land of surprises.

Recently I had the privilege of working for a tech firm in the MSC (Multi-media Super Corridor) area. It is pretty much a dream job for me as I get to work and think like a CEO; business strategizing, presentations, writtings business plans and also hope to make a lot of money.

However, I realized that the more I subject myself to thinking, the more I actually feel the need to crytalize the "sure-win" syndrome. As day grows, I can't afford to imagine myself making mistake in terms of my strategies and decisions. But as I was thinking of a business idea to present to Cradle Investment Fund, I realized that I couldn't do a better job already because of my lacking in terms of experiences. In other words, there is no way I can derive a sure-win business idea since I have never been that successful.

I realize that at this point of time, for someone who have just worked for around 4 years and with four local companies, the greatest success is not to be measured by means of producing a sure-win business idea, rather it is about survival.

I should prove in reality that I can and have the ability to support myself without jobs and other form of financial supports such as grants and sponsors. Have I not being able to break through this barrier, there is no way I can become a great enterpreneur because I am still stuck with the problem of self-sustainability.

The Apprentice:
If we study the profile of candidates for the corporate TV show "The Apprentice", most of them are young people with many ventures in their life. Means that they have already been through many rounds of challenges in their life compared to their age. Now they are backed to work for Donald Trump not for survival, but perhaps for a greater challenges.

Thus, I have to learn from such spirit; the spirit of living a passionate life. Never expect to conclude something which cannot be concluded because of lacking in terms of experiences and also for the fact that things change everyday.

The key to success is about survival.

In other words, one could have so many ideas... which one should be undertaken ? Perhaps is the one which can help you with paying bills with the best effects.

It is not smart to rely on financial supports per se.


princessE said…
I like Apprentice and was so inspired by some of the contestants. I also noticed that their resume of ventures they have taken and achievements they have made will put us to shame. It is all because of their risk-taking and entreprenuerial qualities that we lose out. Anyway, keep your dreams burning bright. You never know there is a Google idea somewhere in Malaysia. A word of caution, MDC might not be functioning as it used to. Perhaps good to consider joint ventures.
Brandon Teoh said…
They are risk-taker because they don't have much obligation since young age.

In all, it is not quite fair to compare Malaysian with Americans because of the cultural differences.