White house failure Google?

Just yesterday I got an email from a friend saying that "Google made mistake in directing searches resulting from the keyword 'Failure' directly to the White House of USA."

For instance, you if you search from Google using keyword "failure":

You notice that the first result is directing to White House of USA. Obviously, there is a caveat here. Something is not right politically.

Let's try other search engine.

Seems like MSN interfered with its search result.

Thus, this shows that there is no fraud in Google. It is clearly a result of search engine based on the current Internet search engine environment.

To get to the bottom line of this problem. The answer is as follows:

Google confirms that this is no technical error nor fraud from Google. It is a result of Googlebombing. This claim is taken directly from Google's blog (a weblog published by Google) and thus it should solve all doubts.

Strangely, Google also accidentally exposed certain secrets to its complex-search engine processes. Many people like me, have been over years trying to figure out a way to "hack" the system where the objective is to intentionally mould a web site's URL to be the first ranking. Many web hosting companies have denied such concepts, saying it is non-existence. On the other hand, many SEO (search engine optimization) experts have provided free and non-free advices on how to get things done. However, they maintain that the real answer will never be known since Google won't reveal it. With this, at least we know that it can be done with GoogleBombing. Which is basically:

1. Associating a keyword, for instance "Failure" to an URL using a hyperlink.
2. Insert the hyperlink to as many web sites as possible as comments and etc. You can do this to forums, weblogs and etc.

If you also notice from the screen capture, US government officials also use similar tactic to blackmouth Micheal More. The only problem is that the white house has higher ranking in terms of "failure"

This is a good example to show that Google maybe the most popular, but its result may not be the most accurate since it can be tampered with.

We can also use this example to show that it may not be good to be the number 1 spot in these Internet search engines if sincerity is of your primary concerns. In retrospect, this also shows that if you want to be the first in these search engines, you have to do something at the back.


Anonymous said…
I don't know much about google search but know this that google employees had contributed large amount to Kerry. And now this latest search show the the result

No amount of technical mumbojumbo can prove other wise
and to accuse goverment employee of trying to associate failure with Moore is just rediculous

That is my too bit

Anonymous said…
"Geoman" admits that he doesn't know his arse from his elbow (admitting "I don't know much about google search," then deriding a reasonably lucid non-technical explanation as "mumbojumbo" [sic]) and blames everything on John Kerry.

Typical knee-jerk conservative? Or just a plain-vanilla raving idiot?

You decide.

The inability to write in standard English does, of course, tilt the probability in one direction.
Anonymous said…
saddest part? George W. Bush has failed the USA on many counts and many fronts.

I could draft a list, but I don't think there would be enough room...
Anonymous said…
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