Why choose Symbian OS?

Symbian OS was created for next generation mobile phone. Following the link, the factors in designing a mobile phone OS - conceptualization are uncovered.

If you noticed, the platform has to be open to enable independent technology and software vendors to develop third-party applications, technologies and services

Unique Selling Proposition(USP):
- Enabling multimedia
- Open management system
- Java Support
- Security
- Performance
- Based on industry standard - reduce Total Time to Market (TTM)
- Require only a single core processor

Cost of embedded software development using Symbian OS:
We assume that Windows represent proprietary while Linux is open source. Thus, according to this white paper by Jerry Krasner, Total Development Cost (TCD) for Windows platform is $479,925.00 while for Linux is $1,888,458.00

Therefore, TCD for Symbian OS is also $1,888,458.00 per se.

Where to download ?
If you decided to setup a manufacturing plant today and wanted to produce next generation mobile phones using Symbian OS, you might not find any download for symbian OS even though it is open source.This is because the only way is to become their Platinum Partner.

- Symbian is not that open compared to Java and Linux. The company manages it will perform partner filtering before providing one with access to the source code for the OS.
- Partners are providing supports for the development of Symbian OS.
- To be part of the community without much money for investment, I have a few options:
1. Join company in the partners' list
2. Join the programming competition