Boing Boing wants to take on Google

Recently there is a news about Shekhar Kapur, an Indian film director for his quest to create a new movie about 2000 + years old religious guru; The lord Buddha.

According to this link, they were having problems looking for the right person to play the role because non of them matches the face.

According to historian, lord Buddha was born 560 BC, last saturday marked the day which he gained enlightenment more than 2000+ years ago, the 8th day of the 12th month of chinese calendar. By right, lord Buddha should be the father of Indian community because he was born an indian. Similarly, the father of Chinese was confucius, born 551 BC. 500 years later, Jesus Christ emerged and then 500 years later, Nabi Muhammad emerged. (or so I read)

The film production team is hoping to leverage on Google search and face recognition technology to spot a pick for the closest match to the data which they have; depicting Buddha's face features. But is this practical? The best actors would be in Hollywood, Hong Kong and Bollywood. Where else can they find actor ? Anyway, perhaps I am wrong. We may experience situation that defies expectation as such when the Argentina Basketball team beat the DREAM TEAM from the USA in recent Olympic games. This is yet another spirit of blogging, defy the odds.

Boing Boing, the directory of wonderful things was ambitious enough to take on Google for that role. And they have found a guy which they think matching Buddha.
Why not the the following ?