Content-Oriented Ranking

Another topic on SEO (Search engine optimization)..

Referring to my previous blog about "more insights into SEO"

which this blog was ranked under keyword = "Tech Blog":

MSN = No.3
Yahoo = No. 100
Google = No. 149

However, the latest ranking is:

MSN = No.33:

Boing Boing is not very relevant to "tech"

Yahoo= No.41

The reason for rise in ranking is due to the fact that Yahoo's spider called Slurp has been actively crawling this blog recently via feedburner. In fact, under Yahoo, the ranking was much higher couple of days ago; No. 30.

And "Earning passive income" is not so "techie" than previous contents.


This topic about "bookmarking" is an old cached. This shows that Google hasn't been crawling to this blog for some time (at least two weeks).

1. Contents will affect your ranking with respect to keyword. If you want to be displayed in the foremost ranking for a particular keyword, your latest content has to match it by the definition of the search engines.
2. Having the right contents is not enough where it is also important that search engines' spider must be willingly visit your web site frequently. Now I know that Yahoo crawled through this blog via feedburner. MSN not sure from where but it is always crawling over here. Google? Unknown.