Gigablast - your new employee?

I recently checked the RSS feed for this blog from feedburner and was delighted to see a new reader swallowing and digesting the contents.

Intrigued, I proceeded to check out what the heck is "gigablast" ?

Gigablast provides large-scale, high-performance, real-time information retrieval technology for partner sites. The company offers a variety of features including topic generation and the ability to index multiple document formats. This search delivery mechanism gives a partner "turn key" search capability and the capacity to instantly offer search at maximum scalability with minimum cost. In addition, the Gigablast website ( provides unique "Gigabits" of information, enabling visitors to easily refine their search based upon related topics from search results.

What is it trying to say is this... this company called Gigablast, provides technology for client to retrieve real-time information from the Internet. Not only that, it is able to do the job in a large-scale and performance-guaranteed manner.

This is because it is using web spider to do the job.

My intepretation is this...

Many companies these days having problems with market positioning, especially for IT companies because the industry changes so fast. Information is king because it is essential for decision making. But no one is being employed in the company to do the job of researching information; perhaps only in the big companies. That, marketing intelligence gathering are usually performed by marketing personel, so much so that it becomes a priority problem for these people, because you have to gather the intelligence, but your performance is not based on that, it is based on other factors.

Just like once Bill Gates said... "no one is being paid to research information even though everybody are expected to do it."

This is very accurate because high-tech industry just can't live without the Internet these days, for the primary reason that you can't learn everything in school and second, you have to learn new things, finally you have to know what is happening around you.

Even programmers have a lot of research to do, but can't afford an assistant.

Now, what happens next ?

I had been thinking, for the reason that my job requires a lot of market intelligence gathering.. there could be a big time business for providing market intelligence tool/software/services in my country (Malaysia), similar to the model demonstrated by Gigablast.

We can provide companies with tool to help them to gather information... and even updates their reports based on the latest information and etc. We can also provide people with software to help them do whatever readings they required.. I am not sure if this is already possible, but with Gigablast leading the way, I have rejuvenated. At least I am not crazy.


Anonymous said…
gigablast is a nice search engine :)