Google - The God of Fortune

Google Google Google...

Recently, Google's founder; Mr. Larry Page gave a presentation or lecture on entrepreneurship. I could still remember a few important points:
1. Solve big problems, don't be afraid.
2. A business which depends on a single customer is doomed to fail.
3. Don't jump in the VC bandwagon because the seat is hot.

For for details, please refer to this link.

Even though I agree with it, but I like to defense Malaysian companies who are usually not in that kind of mindset. (of course there are exceptions)

1. You can't solve big problems until you solve the smaller problems. Of course, unless you study for PhD or something, otherwise your big problem is a big problem.
2. Well, a business which depends on a single customer is better than no customer. Or unsteady customers. Still, if your big customer is a giant, it is still good.
3. Very agreed. Don't need it, don't go for it. Need it, go for it.

Many Malaysian companies have "survival" as the first issue in mind, not innovation, but survival, period. Thus, when the MSC-MDC came about for more than 10 years now, many are affeceted by directive problems; not knowing the bottom line. That is why I mentioned earlier that Malaysia is taking a big leap.

Well, of course, Google is different and very great. Now let's see how great.

1. First of all, Google has changed my life, which its blogspot and adsense. I am now having a healthy hobby. It works for others too.
2. Revenues of USD 381.2M from web ads alone ?
3. Foray into mobile business
4. God of Fortune to many.

You see, for the recent Motorola case, the winner is obviously Motorola per se. For reason that Motorola is depending on Google's brand to boost handphone sales from multitude of rivals such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson and etc.

While Google painfully enjoy the following benefit:

For Google, the alliance with Motorola will help bolster its position as the main vehicle for users to access information irrespective of the devices used.

Which, there is no need for holler. Google is only competiting with Yahoo and the uprising MSN. In terms of Chinese market, there is probably just

Ironically, I still remember that during the early days (dot-com period), we have the following:

Other malaysian search engines.

These names (even though they survived) are often mentioned in the news and etc those days(at least I have used them), now hardly heard. Well, of course I don't suppose they develop own search-engine technology like Google, Yahoo, MSN and even (Korean origin, still not famous). I used to be searching for Malaysian content using, but now I don't remember doing it for the past one year.

Even the recently Google-AOL, which analysis and experts claimed that Google is the winner, but in fact, I would say Google is the donor, blood O type. Perhaps, it has solved the big problem 7 years ago.

However, as there is always exception, Google is also collaborating with Intel. Interesting.. It seems like Intel is levaraging on Google's searching technology by embedding it to its product. And this time, Google's expected to gain:

Google's expansion from its core Internet search feature into a range of Internet and software services has pushed its stock price up to more than $450, and given it a market capitalization of $133 billion, bigger than all but a handful of blue-chip companies.

Google is ultimately the God of Fortune for the 21st Century, hopefully it will last.

Gong Xi Gong Xi..

Right now, I am exploring how I can build a business out of Google Earth.


lucia said…
google is search engine, search engine is google, just as
colgate is toothpaste
maggi is instant mee
polaroid is instant photo

we heard so much "do you google for it?" but we rarely heard "do you yahoo for it?" or "do you hotbot for it?"

btw, is it ok to put in "please donate a link" under the google adsense? i thought adsense disallow us to promote our adsense.
Brandon Teoh said…

about the adsense thingy.. I think that it is useless for someone to click on your adsense.

Means that for adsense publisher, we are only paid based on 1000 impression. Therefore, click or no click doesn't affect adsense earning. It will only show as CTR (Click through percentage).

I got this infor from Adsense itself, where it states that pay-per-click adds won't appear from Adsense, it will only appear from Search result as "sponsored link."

Unless you can prove me wrong ? I am just lazy to remove it, I thought it might help last time.
lucia said…
prove you wrong, brandon? why, i can't even prove anything. haha.

what i mean is i don't know how adsense works at all. i heard people talking about page impressions, CTR and all that, and yet i still don't understand. that's why i can't prove anything lah.

me always like that one. i just put adsense in (because everybody's doing it!) and how i get the earnings i don't know and don't care to know, as long as i did get it!
Brandon Teoh said…

I mean if you have other information just let us know.

In that case, I think what I said should be accurate.

Therefore, don't bother to click on the ads only if it interest you. And the best part is don't expect others to contribute money by clicking on the ads too.
Anonymous said…
Google is now more then a search engine,.. more then an web advertising company (Adsence) ckeck out Google keynote at CES,...
Anonymous said…
Was happenin. Just happend on your site and thought I would send a shout out. Good job.