How to earn Google Adsense?

Myanmar blogger; Wai Pyo has just received a cheque from Google for his November Adsense earning.

Read full details here

Intrigued, I tag along hoping to uncover the lock to my first cheque from Google (I haven't earn anything yet lar..)

It seems that, even though Wai Pyo didn't offcially put it and the story of earning that cheque has already received many praises... that Wai Pyo strategy is to leverage on:

1. Myanmar photo gallery
2. Links, coolstuff and jokes

As I can only see Google Ads out of this two sites. The official site, I still haven't find any Google Ads.

Thus, there is something for me to learn here..people would prefer to browse mundane thingy and images(yes of course), if you pore in serious thoughts, they won't bother look for the fullstop. Unless they are working for the USA's secret society.


Unknown said…
Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the link. By the way, the reason I don't put Adsense on my personal blog "Feb13" is that it makes the site ugly. And I don't have much readers there since it is a new blog.

To make money from Ads needs decent traffic and great ad placement. I learned a lot from LiewCF and Kahsoon. Good Luck! :-)
Brandon Teoh said…
Dear Wai Pyo, thanks for reading my blog.

Is ad placement that important when for adsense we only earn from CPM (Pay 1000 Impression). This means that even though if you hide the ad also you will get the money (although it is against Google's policy). All I understood is that the calculation doesn't factor the Click-Through-percentage (CTR) shown.