Implementation problems in Malaysia

I have spoken to someone tat day, claimed to be a blogger, but chose to stay anonymous. In my humble opinion, anonymous blogger cannot be respected to a high degree because there is no responbilities carry with its blog. cakap cakap je...(Malaysian slang for talk-only, no-action)

Who is Brandon Teoh... qualified IT Evangelist.. Graduated from APIIT, degree in BsC(Hons) Computing, year 2002. You can check out with Dr. Paramjit Singh.

Do you guys still remember PINCenter back in year 2003-2004, it was my favourite that time. I still remember how we used to sweat to make things happen there... I was counting on it to make my first break. Many good people (technical people) actually came out from the server room and started to experience MLM-type entreprenuership lifestyle. People were actually going gung-ho and pretty rhetoric about things.. at times, expectations were out of control, so to speak.

I have high respect for people like:
1. Mr. Kong who once said that "whenever there is a big technology implementation in Malaysia, there ought to be problems"
2. Mr. C.M Ang from Accenture consulting said "the business of business is to stay in business"
3. Mr. Thomas Chow (P.O.D) said "One don't need to have good English to be successful.."

Indeed, what Mr. Kong had said is very common in Malaysia, implementation is always the problem.

Take for example MCMC's deadline of getting all prepaid mobile phone users to have their personal details registered by end of 2005. Is it practically ?

Jeff Ooi thinks that the fault is with the players, that MCMC is a mere policy maker. He called it the rotten governance. To me, it is not the fault of either side, the problem inclines towards practicality. First of all, pre-paid was created for non-registration purposes, that is why it can be sold so well. By the way, Pincenter is supposed to be selling 019 mobile line to end-users also in a prepaid manner, that no questions asked about backlisting and bankcruptcy. Wonder how would the policy affect them ?

The telcos should have the technology to track down criminal activities in case required. They should have those type of technologies visible from the movies like "Enemy of the State" where trouble maker can be traced real-time.

The policy requires Telco to churn out RM 10 million each to enable the exercise, and what a waste of money to do that. These type of money might as well channel to charity and other meaningful applications. Even contributing to entreprenuership funding like Cradle and MSG would be much better.

The biggest major problem is that deadlines and news are announced with no whatsoever intention of serious dealing.. Cakap cakap je... (talking talking only.) And who is responsible for that ? Could it be blogger like Jeff Ooi who merely remind us of our contemporary-history (with his free time) or sharer-blogger like Brandon Teoh?

Perhaps, everybody (MCMC, Telcos and etc) are bowed to pressure. Who is in charge ? Not me definitely.

The anonymous blogger thinks he is in charge.

And please don't make non-anonymous blogger like Jeff Ooi become enemy of the state. If you are not satisfied with anything, commentary is welcomed and opened to public.