Malaysia mobile phone users survey 2005

MCMC conducted a survey on the mobile phone scenario in Malaysia for year 2005.

According to The Sun, 3G is facing lukewarm responses from the Malaysian community.

Only 30% indicated that they will adopt 3G by 2006.

Primary reason is due to the expensive 3G handset required for enabling 3G services. Maxis understood such challenge and thus educate its users with 3G handphone deals from its 3G web site.

MCMC indicated that the adult market(mobile phone service) for this industry is already saturated. Now it is up to the players to tap pre-teens and teens market.

Another challenge is to determine the feasibility of allowing number portability, this demand arised from mobile phone users not quite satisfied with existing telco service and would like to switch telco by maintaining the same number.

Referring to the statistic, only 7.4% of users spent charges for more than RM 200. And 7.4% of 25 million is 1.85 m of fanatic business people living around Malaysia. These should be the target of 3G.


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