Malaysia Tech Happening - Jan 06

Not too long ago, Kompakar hit the news with a deal from China; a Beijing hospital RM 1.15 m hospital deal. That news shocked the nation for a few days..

Today, wow fantastic, many happenings already..

1. Iris gets RM74m Indonesian E-ID card system.
Its partners in the project are the main contractor who signed with NCSA, PT Superintending Company of Indonesia (Suco ndo) and PT Data Aksara Matra (DAM).

This is a 10 years project.

2. Mobile Money to target 1m end-users by end of 2006.
Mobile money is a mobile ATM solutions which caters for electronic payment from the mobile phone.

3. Green Packet found another market in China.
Collaboration with Zhejiang Telecom

4. mTouche and M-Mode collaborate to develop mobile games
mTouche said the tie-up enabled mTouche to ride on the mobile games provided by M-Mode while M-Mode would benefit from mTouche's established market presence.

Go Malaysia Go!


Anonymous said…
I received my M1 hp bill last friday with an item under Value Added Services, from mTouche Service 77330 (Tel: 64230392, for 1 access for $1.

On Sat, I called M1. They told me to check with the 3rd-party service provider directly. They only receive the instruction to bill. They cannot cancel the charges unless they receive instructions from the 3rd-party service provider. They also told me that I am not able to block any sender from sending sms to me.

This afternoon, I called mTouche, they told me that it's a CNY greeting SMS sent by a company called Global Fund or something. Yes, I received the SMS. No, I did not request for the sms and have no idea who the sender is. They will waive the charge if I fax in my invoice.

I checked mTouche's website, and here's what I found:
"mTouche™ has full direct connections to the Mobile Network Operators each of the four countries we are in.
We are capable of reaching all their mobile subscribers."
Including in Singapore, SingTel, M1, & Starhub.

My questions are:
1. Can M1 allow entities to bill me for receiving unsolicited sms?

2. Does this mean that there is a possibility that any entity is able to send CNY sms greetings to around 4 million people in Singapore and receive S$4 million for it?

3. Is there any way to prevent/regulate entities from pushing unsolicited content to handphone users and charging them for it?

This is a total con company spoiling all sms business in countries they present, starting from home country Singapore.

Promote sms services creatively so called, and charge the maximum price value to quality so called, subscribe to content usually $5 a month they charge $10 a week ($40 a month), are still consider OK. Consumer believe in it, they subscribe.

But spamming and charge money is not business ethic. It's criminal act. Rob millions of Singaporean using spam and charge money is day light robbery in politically clean Singapore!

If this company don't get fined $5 mil or more, I am ashame to be a Singaporean.
Anonymous said…
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