MyICMS 886 - Digital Opportunities For Development

The MyICMS 886 (Malayian Information, Communications and Multimedia Services 886) Strategy identifies (8) service ares which have been targeted to propel Malaysia in the delivery of advanced information, communications and multimedia services towards improving the quality of life of Malaysians and at hossting Malaysia's global competitiveness.

The MyICMS 886 aims to create a catalystic cycle by enhancing the existing investments in ICMS infrastructure that will support future growth of ICMS services.

The introduction of eight (8) new services catalyses and promotes the development of eight (8) essential infrastructures - both hard an soft. These new services and infrastructures are aimed at generating growth in six (6) areas that have been identified as key for the consumers and businesses in Malaysia.

ServicesInfrastructureGrowth Areas
1. High Speed BroadbandHard1. Content Development
2. 3G & Beyond1. Multiservice Convergence Networks2. ICT Education Hub
3. Mobile TV2 3G Cellular Networks3 Digital Multimedia Receivers
4. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting3. Satellite Networks4. Communication Devices
5. Digital Homes
5. Embedded Components & Devices
6. Short Range CommunicationsSoft6. Foreign Ventures
7. VoIP/Internet Telephony4. Next-Generation Internet Protocol (IPv6)
8. USP - Universal service Provision5. Home Internet Adoption

6. Information & Network Security

7. Competence Development

8. Product Design & Manufacturing

According to YB Dato' Sri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik, Minister of Energy, Water and Communications, Malaysia, that...

Since the implementation of the regulatory framework under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, the industry has made significant progress. Gross turnover of the communications and multimedia (ICT) industry has doubled from RM 12 billion in 1999 to RM 24 billion in 2004.

Highspeed broadband, which a few years ago was considered luxy is today a necessary part of the industrial, commercial and lifestyle landscapes. Other emerging services such as 3G, mobile TV, digital multimedia broadcasting and RFID applications need to be promoted due tot the synergies they generate both within as well as outside oof the ICT sectors. The potential of these services must also be leveraged tto promote the local design and manufacture of related appliances and equipment.

This strategy is of course very similar to the Korean IT 839 strategy. However, something for eager ICT entrepreneur to explore because it is where government is going to pour the money as stated iin the budget 2006 previously.

Now, I finally understood how things got worked out in Malaysia.

1. They will wait for the MOF to announce the budget.
2. Someone will have to propose something to utilize the budget.
3. Not just merely proposing, but it has to be backed-up by influential people. In the case of MyICMS which is proposed by MCMC and supported by the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications Malaysia.

Pikom also proposed another thing; to setup a grant which aims to help SME with export. This is having an inherent conflict with MATRADE's BPG (Brand Promotion Grant). However, Matrade's grant is focusing on branding while Pikom's is probably focusing on sales.

Ministry of development also proposed another thing; SME development.

What is Next?
The next question to ask is have all these been approved ?

MCMC is busy doing marketing for the proposal now, although we are not sure how we can contribute or benefit from it. Blogger will also help them with marketing (bcoz blogger is looking for content also lar..)

Anyway, I hope they all got what they are looking for. All the best to them.

Download - MyICMS Strategy.