Push Email services

Maxis has longed ago, announced the EMO push-email services as part of its 3G killer app..

Then suddenly, many other follow suit, for example.. NextTel.

The only thing that intrigued me is the "push" ... why use the world "push" ? I know that it is supposed to mean something related to non-permanent engagement, to save the bandwidth. But with 3G, it is so necessary to do that ? since the bandwidth is supposed to be abundance? Perhaps just to make the concept looks great ? Not really, Maxis didn't actually stressed on the bandwidth part, except for the availability of simultaneity. It states... EMO Push Email lets users to send and receive emails along with viewing, editing and sending its attachment. Sure, this will help them will bandwidth management.

Actually, the anwser should be related to Java MIDP Push Registry, the API for developing such services. That is why, it is made popular by Java.

In business, there is also another concept known as the push and pull concept.
Push = Try to make relevant; ubiquitous. --> The u-Korea.
Pull = Try to find relevancy; association.

Thus, the PUSH concept of Java MIDP states that...

1. A powerful mechanism which is based on asynchronousism.
2. It is uses a central registry.
3. Based on timer.

I have no time to explore further, but this shall do.

Thus, those guy must be using Java to develop such technology or at least referred to.


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