Tech to watch 2006

Recently, just at the corner of new year celebration, Tim Gnatek of ExtremeTech summarized tech to watch in 2006.

Tech Trends to Watch in 2006.

They are:

1. Portable Entertainment PC.
2. HDTV.
3. Making digital video.
4. Sharing personal media.
5. Video to go.
6. Podcasts.
7. Entertained by open source.

There are yet so many things to be done; as a consumer or user, one just don't have enough time to live up the day. Shouldn't personal automation be the next big thing ?

At the almost similar time, Dr. Raymond Greenlaw; dean of school of computer science of Armstrong Atlantis State University reminds us of the ten breakthroughs in computer science ever.

They are:
1. Turing Machine.
2. Moore's Law
3. Recursion.
4. NP-Completeness.
5. Personal computer.
6. The Internet.
7. The Web.
8. High-level languages.
9. Handheld & wireless devices.
10. Human Genome Project.

Thus, it seems like the world has NOT gone that far away from the blueprint of personalized computing (Thanks to Bill Gates). Portable PC, making of digital video, sharing, podcasts are all individual-oriented. On the other hand, human genome project is also pretty much individual-oriented.

Another individual-centric project is Google's Earth, where Google has plan to make it into a multi-purpose entertainment hub for everyone in this planet. Soon, we may begin to witness the possibility where web browser's interface may be replaced by that of a globe. Internet-surfing start from clicking the desirable location from the globe, instead of providing URLs.


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