blog search engine

not too long ago.. this blog is doing a well in terms of search ranking for the keyword "tech blog".

Check out my insights about SEO.

Then suddenly, I don't know what happened, this blog was played down. Thus there goes all the insights which are not deemed not valuable. My reputation as SEO consultant is affected as well.

However, just recently I noticed that someone put me in the top again, that is blogsearchengine by IceRocket.

This search engine is pretty low profile and currently providing interfaces for users to do the following:

1. Register URL (etc for weblogs)
2. Ping them (means that let them know that your URL has been updated)
3. Free RSS services

According to Clickz, IceRocket was founded by Internet Billionaire Mark Cuban. The vision of IceRocket is to combine the best of both worlds between finding accurate information and having fun.

They have no problem facing competition and challenges because..

"We realize that whatever new features we come up with, others can copy. So what?" he said. "Our mission is to never rest; to enhance the product every day, and make it better every day. The goal is to connect to enough users that they make us their starting and ending point for information, and that is a satisfying and profitable business for us."

Good luck and thanks for indexing this blog to your search engine.

Who is Mark Cuban anyway ?

Looks familiar to you ?