IT change management

Change management is essentially part of some MBA courses such as technology management.

Referring to this white paper presented by Concorde Software and Services. It simply states that...

One cannot defines stability as having unchanged melody... Stability is defined as the beginning and ending point(no s) of an unfreeze-change-refreeze model. Thus there goes the reason for changing... to acquire stability.

Change management let one reads real life scenario like a book. The most profound effect is that when someone is hired as CEO or Change-Management consultant to restructure a company, by knowing change managment, priviledges are:

1. He/she knows what he is going to face.
2. He/she knows the best practices. So that whatever proposed is not deemed overly childish or creatively stupid.
3. He/she speaks the same language as the real actors in the "environment"
4. Knowing how the boundaries and limits - This is important to identify new growth area (for R & D) and also risks.
5. Given a big problems with limited resources, informations are required to cut short making brilliant decisions.

ITIL prepares for one a set of best practices which resulted from accumulation of all the theories and knowledges of IT management.

To me, having such theories are good because of the following benefits:
1. Those who have no problem with readings can fast-foward careers without having to go through years of hard-core experiences.
2. One can laugh at the theorist for making weak conclusions.
3. Enlightenment for those from other industries who wanted to know how fun and boring IT management is.

Thus, why would an organization hire a change consultant ?
--> For the knowledge enlightenment, lazy to read or attend courses.

Why would an organization needed such services ?
--> To achieve stability, maturity level.
--> To motivate employees for innovation and self-realization.
--> To have some agendas during annual meetings.
--> To play the game like a game. (To gamble with decisions)

~Natural Change Management~


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