jobsandmore market efforts

jobsandmore... a new comer to Malaysia online recruitment industry has got everthing figured out..

First of all, it copies as much as possible from market leader -

Check out the search features...

To jobstreet, this is cheap. However, to jobsandmore, this is really smart. Personally, I would do the same since you can't pattern for user-interfaces.

However, the problem is still jobsandmore is not as popular as jobstreet yet and thus currently, it only offers 20+ jobs in term of IT-Software + All-Jobs-in-Malaysia.

Compared to Jobstreet, with these search criterias, there would be more than 100 listings available.

Marketing Efforts
To counter-strike, jobsandmore resorted to certain strategies. Its priority is to attract more job seekers like me to register into its web site.

One of such strategies is the offering of reward up to RM30k on top of a referral program.

In other words, this is like a lucky draw program where both user and its referral-person get to win something should luck strike on its database row.

Also, their other strategies are to follow exactly what jobstreet has and been doing.

In all, this taught me one thing...

There is always a case for market penetration if the followings apply:
1. Someone has proved that a busines model is workable.
2. That business model can be easily immitated. Means no IP(intellectual properties) involved.
3. What makes difference are marketing and continuous efforts for support.

This is probably why jobsandmore investors feel that they can allow themselves to invest in the former. It is proven business model and can be easily immitated. More so, the operation costs are not hefty and is predictable.

However, one can't really simple create a search engine because of many IP(intellectual properties) involved. It is said that MSN seeked Google's help to set up the search engine. Just how true is it ?