Korea Mobile Contents 2006

According to the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, total mobile subscribers are 33.59 million people, as of the end of December, 2003. Accordint to IDC, the Korean wireless Internet market size is UDS 1.04 billion in 2002. It showed the increase of 99.7% again 2001. in 2003, it exceeded approx. USD 1.8 billion. It is expected that the large market of approx. USD 6 billion will be opend in 2007.

[Estimated Sales of Wireless Internet CP Service Charge] (unit: million USD, %)

Wireless Internet461.8641,040.3391,727.5632,677.7233,842.5335,052.9506,046.471
Increased Rate-2.251.661.551.441.321.20
Service Charge41.548190.205336.875435.779490.110985.3161,179.062

~Source: IDC, 2003.5~

It is anticipated that the mobile game, moving animation service will largely grow by the data transfer speed and terminal enhancement (2.5G to 3G) from 2004. Also , it is estimated that M-Commerce market such as LBS and Mobile payment will rapidly grow.

Directory of Content Providers

Company3R Games
Description3R Games is a promising mobile contents provider in Korea.
Our main business area includes developing mobile games, mobile character services and mobile fortune-telling services. Our products have taken leading positions in the respective service categories of SK Telecom and KTF.
Started as a new business division of 3R in the year 2000, 3R games was spun off August 2002.

Games= Parapa Dance (Dance Fever), Skirt Fighter, TV Live Football

ContactsC.E.O: Park, Kisung,
Contact Person: Lee, Kwangjae
email: valence@3rgames.co.kr
Tel: +82-2-840-3646
Website: http://www.3rgames.co.kr

CompanyAnicom Software
Anicom Software is a leading company for developing and servicing mobile games
worldwide. Since established in April of 1996, we have developed many excellent
mobile games as a venture company. Anicom Software develops and services its
products which cover wide varieties based on WAP, BREW, JAVA and WIPI.

Korea-Japan Poker Battle, Othello, Beach Volleyball, Parking Mania, Mania Golf

ContactsC.E.O: Park, SeungJin,
Person: Bobby Gill (Manager Strategy & Planning Unit)
Website: http://www.anicom.co.kr

CompanyAnimedia Entertaintment
Near the end of 1998 the huge Korean game market still had yet to produce
sufficient number of competitive domestic games. Animedia was founded to fulfill
this need. Since then, Animedia has become the first domestic game contents
company to produce a 3D juvenile game, also makeing an RPG based on a comic book
to export countries like China, Japan, and Europe. Animedia introduced the game
Big Biz Tycoon to the Northern American market. It was selected as Activision's
top 5 games in 2002.

Games= Eska Gaia

ContactsC.E.O: Jay Son,
Contact Person:
Sehong, Kim (Marketing Div. Planner)
email: shkim@animedia.co.kr
Website: http://www.animedia.co.kr

AstroNest is a multiuser-focused online and mobile game developer and publisher
aiming to establish an Internet entertaintment game group (EGG) since it began
in Oct. 1999. AstroNest challenges the limits with a vision of producing
entertaining games for today's digitalized generation using its edge in
creativity and technology.

Games= AstroN, Love Plus, Bae Chil-Su's Suda Game,
Star Date, Dead Ice Penguin

ContactsC.E.O: Kim, Hwan-Gi,
Person: Choi, Chang-youl (Planning Manager)
email: xingwin@astronest.com

Tel: +82-31-755-5227 (Ext. 104)
Website: http://www.astronest.com

Com2uS Corporation, established in August 1996, became the first and leading
mobile entertainment provider in Korea. Com2uS games can be found in over 40
countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Com2uS' value proposition to the
operators is the ability to increase their revenue while giving end-users a game
they can enjoy anyplace and anytime. Com2uS offices in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and
London Support these operators and customers in one of the most far-fetched
mobile game distribution networks in the world with the potential for Com2uS
games to reach over 700 million mobile phone users.

Games= Andre Agassi COM2US
Tennis, Werewolf, COM2US Bowling2

ContactsC.E.O: Park, Ji-Young,
Person: Saeran Chay (Senior Manager)
email: saeran@com2us.com
Website: http://www.com2us.com

Of course, these information are taken from KIPA (Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency).. it is interesting to note the descriptions because it can really tell you how far a company can go. Otherwise, it enlightens you with the mindset of a games company.