Making money as blogger ?

Malaysian full time blogger LiewCF mentioned recently that to make a living as a blogger is really tough, have to think twice.

I did mentioned earlier that to make a good RM 2K from Google Adsense (of course you can choose other ads affiliation lar..), one needs to generate at least 125k unique IPs or visitors to your web site per month. Based on my estimation (which may not be accurate), LiewCF makes around RM 1K++ monthly from Adsense per se.

The one person who really make good money from Adsense is probably Malaysian famous blogger Jeff Ooi. His blog generates a record of 10K+ unique visitors per day! However, if you study carefully, most visitors are from Malaysia itself. Based on my calculations, he would generate around 300 K unique traffics monthly, and that would be around RM 6 - 7K of incomes from Adsense per se.

Passive Income?

Of course what LiewCF said is correct, not just the ideas (which i have plenty) or good english, you have to dedicate time to deliver those ideas into nice blogs and also maintain the web site. You may also need to spend time on SEO and other Internet activities to keep the traffics coming. This to my opinion(which I have experienced) would take a few good hours.

Therefore, there is no passive income here.

To me, the few ways to generate passive incomes with blogging are probably:
1. Create a daring blog - like Jeff Ooi's screenshot. Mind you, this gung-ho political analyst risks the ISA detention. The whole Malaysia cares about his blogs, even I heard police and Putrajaya would keep track of his blogs every darn day!

2. You are famous person - For instance, if you are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton or Osama Bin Laden, your blogs would generate traffic.

3. Original contents - You have to create original contents such as news, softwares (Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Samsung) and etc

4. SUPER fantastic, funny and scarce contents - Pornography is one of them.

For IT-Sideways blog, even though its author is proud of the contents, but as the matter of fact. Not many care about it. Occassionally, by linking back to Google's blog, I can generate up to 100+ visitors per day.

Currently my adsense income(monthly) is only around USD 10+ ; which is around RM 37 (just enough to make a MAKNA donation).

Nothing long of fantastic - But I have a plan.


lucia said…
once a month around US$10? that's not bad because a year you'll get approx. US$120.

so what is your plan? care to share?

i have adsense for 10 months already and my earning is only around US$20 for all those 10 months. it's ok. i don't expect much.

i might start another 2 blogs, of which i can utilise adsense too but still i won't expect much.
Brandon Teoh said…

thanks for commenting once in a while.. i haven't been visiting your blogs... been quite busy.

eh.. but i noticed your blog has more traffic than mind ler come ?

anyway, my plan is to copy existing contents from famous blogs like Screenshoots, LiewCF, Googleblog and etc.. then create a pictorial illustration out of it. Means that for instance, if Jeff Ooi wrote about parliment, then i should have a pictorial illustration of parliment.

By doing so, i can link back to existing famous contents without being too copy-cat. and people will come back to visit me becoz they think that there are something funny here.

just an idea. but how to do it is another question.
Anonymous said…
I don't dare to be a full time blogger if only making RM1k+++ per month. :)