Malaysia Tech Happening - Feb 06

MCMC announced based rate for telecommunication interconnection -

Connection to mobile networks = 8.05 cents (reduced from 11.26 cents)
Connection to Telekom's monopoly fixed line network = 6.61 (raised from 4.8 cents)
- The Sun, 16-Feb-06, Financial Daily

Green Packet Posts record earnings of RM 30m for FY05
- Profit tripled to RM 30.69 million (year ended Dec 31, 2005) from RM 11.91 million a year ago.
- Networking solutions in China market had contributed 89% or RM 35 million to revenue and 69% or RM 27 million to net profit.
- Results were remarkable in 4Q which were driven by sales of software applications and networking equipment into the China market, particularly Guang Dong and the Shanghai region.
- They have a Beijing office which serve as the base for sales and marketing hub for the region.
- Next strategy is to identify "promising" targets for partnerships, joint ventures or acquisition in order to increase sales to telecommunication operators in China, Taiwan and South East Asia. Thus, it means that they are selling the solutions to Telcos.

Media Shoppe expands Presence in Thailand
- Provide tmsEKP (Enterprise Knowledge Portal) solution to Chiang Mai University (CMU) and a government project.
- The implementations (both related) are meant to encourage scholars to develop up-to-date methodologies to consult and serve their government to move foward in the field.
- Thailand is a fertile and forthcoming marketplace for TMS, especially in the area of KM. This gradual increase of interest in knowledge management goes hand-in-hand with greater commitment to instil knowledge management cultures in government departments.

Dagang Net Expects 16% rise in revenue
- Dagang Net expects 16% rise in revenue to RM 58 million by year ending 31 Dec 2006, from RM 50 million last year.
- This is a result of implementations of several electronic commerce initiatives.
- 24 permits issuing government agencies onto its electronic permit (e-Permit) project
- Development of electronic systems for online documentation of K3 forms, would go live by April 06.
- Shipping manifest (e-Manifest), will start pilot run by next month (March 06)
- K3 Forms are used for transfers of goods between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak while manifest forms are documents submitted by the carriers to describe the goods loaded or unloaded at the ports of call.
- Strategy now is to encourage all agencies to sign up for e-Permit this year, to stimulate paperless trade. Currently, only three agencies had implemented the e-Permits; they are Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama), Malaysian Cocoa Borad and Pesticide Board of Malaysia.
- Dagang Net is a 60.16% subsidiary of Time Engineering Bhd, while other shareholders include Lembaga Tabung Haji and Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd.
- Dagang Net is famous for its EDI system for customers like ports and airports.
- Another strategy is to implement UN electronic trade documents (UNeDocs) by 2007 which would facilitate exports for SMEs. UNeDocs is a global standard for digital trade documents which allows countries to align their local systems with the international purchase and supply chain.

- The Sun, 21st Feb 2006.


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