Mydoom Virus 3 Feb 2006

My sister was telling me not to use the Internet from today (3rd Feb 2006) for at least one full day. She said overheard news warning user not to be online because there is a massive virus attacking the Internet.

Curious and intrigued, I logged to the Internet with Linux system and find out what exactly it is.

I searched for "virus attack 3 february" and found two links..

The first link from BBC news stated that MyDoom virus@MyDoom.B will attack SCO and Microsoft Corp websites separately on 3rd Feb 2006; 13:09 GMT.

Okay, this is confusing. why would people care ?? Let Bill Gates figure it out then. And who is SCO ?

The second link is from Wikipedia.. much better. According to it, MyDoom is a worm which attacks Microsoft Windows System or PCs.It is commissioned by email spammers. It will send DOS attack to SCO for its infringement of open source pledge.

Thus, I finally able to figure something out of these two collaterals.

1. MyDoom is a worm and it will first infect Windows PCs.
2. It is spread through the email by spammers. Which means that if you are cautious with opening suspicious emails, you will be fine.
3. As soon as it is infected to any PC(s), it will start its business by attacking SCO web site or Microsoft web site by bombarding it with large data until the web server crashed.
4. For those PCs infected with the worm, no big damage would be anticipated other than being the partner in crime of killing the two mentioned websites.

Anyone should be lucky enough to read this blog to start using Windows system again on 3rd Feb 2006.