refuse to copy CD

Have you ever encountered a situation when things which shouldn't happen happened?

let me give you an example...

I brough home 4 CDs (i am not telling the contents) and wanted to make a copy out of it.

But suddenly, Nero Express 6 suddenly go "tarik harga" (means refuse to cooperate)..

I put in both (destination and source CDs) to the proper tray, and then chose "copy CD".

Guess what error message I get ?

what the f... It is supposed to be brand new blank CD? how come only 356MB.. ? Going crazy, i tested with a few blank CDs and got the same thing.

Then instead of doing "Copy CD", I perform "Data CD" by writting a total data of size > 400MB into the supposedly raped CD (those that was labeled as 356MB only).. then it went!

Thus, nothing wrong with the CDs.

Without putting much intelligence thought over it, as I was kind of busy(with backlogs).. I decided to uninstall and then reinstall Nero again.

And guess what.. it worked as normal!

The last time I had a "Copy CD" problem was one year ago. Amazing.