SEO status - Feb 06

So... what is the status of SEO for this blog ? It is waning.

MSN has accepted it back to the category "tech blog", at 48 ranking now.

Google ranks it at 122 for similar category, while Yahoo's bot hasn't visited it since last month. This can be verify by checking out the "cache" contents.

Based on traffic ?
I am still wondering as others would, how does the SEO really is working behind the scenes.

SEO experts talk about meta, link-farm,googlebombing and etc.

However, these all seem to me not the bottom-line factor which determines how the rankings are tabulated the search engines.

I would like to suggest now that it is based on traffics - perhaps so.

Currently only average of 55 unique IP visitors visited this blog daily. Compared to, I am way behind. However, which has average unique visitors of 335K is behind Liewcf.

Perhaps the search engine has a way to track down all those traffic counters and base the rankings on it, or at least to a certain extend of weightage.

I am still unsure about this.