UrlTrends offers URL analysis

The things I like about liewcf blog are:

1. Nice interface
2. Good web programming techniques
3. Helpful discussion
4. What is new and hot out there in the Internet world.
5. Updates from the Internet communities.

The other one which I mentioned earlier is jiboneus blog, which is more consistent in contributing to the 4th factor. Other blogs:

Asian Mobile Tech
= Corporate thinking of mobile blends with IT information
Syiok blog = IT evangelist and classified stuffs.
Google blog = Exciting news from Google directly.

Recently, Liewcf mentioned about UrlTrends... a web site which helps one to analyze other web sites using a URL feed. It will report (on indicators) to you the numbers of incoming links, google's pagerank and etc. And then if will give you a ranking based on the indicators. Liewcf mentioned that UrlTrends lifted the ban on Malaysian's site.

The analysis for this blog can be obtained from here.

It shows not much incoming links from Google and Yahoo as compared to MSN. This is probably true but not accurate because MSN has higher preference for this blog than others. Chronology of SEO-related events towards this blog.


Lesson on SEO:
The best thing about UrlTrends is that it teaches one about SEO.

1. Alexa - A search engine which I have never heard before.

I ran a search on "it-sideways" from Alexa and it really did return a lot of indexes, even more than Liewcf. How does this happen ? Alexa has been my angel all this while ?

2. It is better to get registered with DMOZ.org and Archive.org

Liewcf has 7 incoming links from Alexa and its ranking from Alexa is 23,766
It-Sideways has 4,853 incoming links from Alexa and its ranking from Alexa is 2,016,867
On being a human has 4,853 incoming links from Alexa and its ranking from Alexa is 20.

can someone figure this out ?

We need blog like Liewcf and Jiboneus to help us to read the Internet faster because eventually what would be blogged by these pro-bloggers are something which would be interesting and non-crappy.

It is analogous to reading Jeff Ooi and Skthew's blog than reading the newspaper for Malaysia political englightenment.