what is malaysia pentagon up to ?

The need for creation of K-Force (knowledge force) - Emphasizing on creation of professional, well-trained, well-equipped force that is available for operations at short notice and one tha can be sustained on deployment over extended periods.

The ATM (Malaysian Armed Forces) is transformed into a learning organization where each of its personnel are constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills in terms of technology.

Launching of Malayia's Medium Aperture Camera Satellite by 2005(end of)-2006, RM 50 million multi-tasking macro satellite.

According to Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak, defense minister of Malaysia, the most critical thing is "networking"; computer networking. Comprehensive networking ensures all grounds are covered where intelligence information are shared, coordinated and integrated while the new technology enables data gathering to be done in real time. Analysis of data by the tri-services(Navy, Air-Forces, Combat) instead of the individual service will help in optimising such intelligence and formulation of strategies in total.

MINDEF-private sector smart partnership
To strengthen MINDEF - private sector cooperation in building the local defense industry, the ministry has set up the Malaysian Defence Industry Council chaired by the Defense Minister. The council will be responsible to mapping out certain policies and requirements, the private sector will based on these requirements, propose for projects and thus gives rise to collaboration--> This is a smart choice because collaboration is one good way to cushion against budget insufficient frictions.

According to Datuk Seri, this is ...
"Local producers who are interested in supplying the armed forces with military equipment must keep abreast with the requirements and specifications of ATM. They must be able to support the high state of operational readiness and capability of our armed forces."

Possible immediate requirements..
Malaysian companies capable of producing world-class quality of military equipment. Simulators for fighter jets for example could be produced locally. While MINDEF has identified two local companies capable of producing the hardware, there are many others that could provide the software.

Small and medium-sized vessels such as patrol boats could also be built locally with components and technologies coming from various countries.

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My thoughts..
Why not teach them about development ? Learning is the bottom line for everything. Setup a training center targeting MINDEF. They might also be requiring K-portal.

A Malaysian company has already been keeping up to such development.. ShapeShifters inc. - focusing on simulation and visualization technology.