What's new today ?

As an effort to improve SEO (Search engine optimization) and thus to earn more money from Google Adsense and eventually other advertisement online providers, I have decided to leverage with Jiboneus Blog for its insatiable appetite towards new things in the Internet world.

This blog is amazing... with consistency towards analysis of new features and technologies available in the Internet daily, it has been able to create a knowledgebase which helps ICT people like me to keep a closer gap between the knows and haven't-known.

Surprisingly, it has shown willingness to focus on doing similar thing all the time. I mention this because sometimes great bloggers like Jeff Ooi and LcF would go to holidays (they are not worried becoz they know traffics would be going in.) Even political blog like skthew would suffer some inconsistency periodically.

Updated headlines from Jiboneus blog will be feeded into the right pane of this blog daily.

keep up the good work Jibone. Also, the RSS feed reader is provider by Feedsweep.

thus, what do we have today ?
Pockettrax and Google's OSX Dashboard Widgets ... Have you learned it already?


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your kind words. RSS is great isn't it? I'm also working on another personal project of mine. A blog aggregator for Malaysian blogs. Something similar to Project Petaling Street, SARA and SpyMy but a little bit better at content categorization. I'll be sure to let you know once it's ready. Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
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