2LD domain name space for malaysia

MCMC recently carried out a public consultation with regards to the reintroduction of 2LD (2nd Level domain name space for '.my').

2LD domain name space was initially ignored during 1990s when the trend was towards categorizing domain name into activities segment such as commercial (.com), business (.biz), education (.edu), organization (.org) and etc. That gave rise to 3LD domain name space such as www.mitv.com.my

With souring requests from both local and international fronts to register for 2LD such as www.mitv.my, MCMC is forced to reconsider the possibility of formalize 2LD while MyNic is awaiting directives from them.

It is smart move for MCMC to seek comments from the public, particularly those in the ICT industry before concluding the formalization. This is because according to the report, comments are within the expectation of general consensus. The purpose is just to make it sound right.

Among many points presented, the findings of such report can be summarized as of following:

1. Such move is timely.
2. Pre-registration period of 2 months for 2LD is acceptable. However, there are some who suggested 6 months where they argued that 6 months is common duration for big corporates to get internal processes from cradle to grave. This is quite fascinating because on the general, credit terms would be cap at 90 days(3 months) for the max. Some companies even offer 45 days from the date of issuance of invoice.
3. Sub-domains to be allowed. For instance, brandon.mitv.my should be allowed and it is up to owner of mitv.my to decide on such approval. However, owners or registrants of 2LD are not allow to trade with owners or registrants of sub-domains.

However, it should be noted that although there is no limit to the number of 2LDs that can be registered, registrants of 2LDs will not be permitted to trade or commercially deal with third level sub-domain names created under their 2LDs.

Is this an isolated case ? because it means that if I have a company called "ABC S/B" and I created "ABC-123 S/B" as subsidiary. "ABC S/B" is not allowed to trade with "ABC-123 S/B" per se, fearing fake invoices ?

4. Unlimited ownerships of 2LD. Some suggested that individuals should only be allowed with a maximum of 3 nos. of 2LDs.
5. Yearly fees for individual onwerships of 2LD is suggested at RM 25 while RM 50 for companies. However, MCMC concludes that it should be retailed at RM 200 annually in lieu of the impromptu needs to erect such facilities when 3LDs are still at our disposal. Since 3LDs are retailed at RM 100, therefore, 2LDs should be appropriately placed at a higher tier than the former.
6. Reserved words must be prohibited. Examples of such words are "governmement", "prime minister" and etc. However, is this ample to protect fraud which would then jeopardize democracy?
7. Rules for trademarks and other intellectual rights will be observed. This means that to register for a 2LD called mitv.my, MyNic will have to make sure that no one has 'fuzzy' ownership for it. How they are going to do this ? If I hava a company called "VMS Technology" and registered for redtone.my, should it be imperative that I also register for another company called Redtone S/B and register for VMSTechnology.my?

The answer from the report states NO (as in No Need).

Note is taken of the concern that there may be additional expenses incurred by a new 2LD holder who has a current third level domain name. In proposing the reintroduction of 2LDs to the Malaysian
public, MYNIC sees itself as merely fulfilling its role to provide users with more choices as to the domain naming scheme considered most appropriate for them. Moreover, just as with the top level domain names, it is a matter of choice on the part of a company with an existing “.com.my” domain name, as to whether it also wishes to register a “.com” domain name. Similarly, it would be a matter of choice for an existing “.my” third level domain name registrant as to whether it wishes to maintain both second and third level “.my” domain names concurrently or otherwise.

It will also follow the scheme enacted for 3LD where trademarks priority will not be priviledged and registration for a ".my" 2LD has been and will be on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Issues were raised by some of the respondents in relation to giving priority to trade mark holders. We would like to point out that under the existing third level domain name registration scheme, with the exception of government entities, no priority of any sort is given to any individual or entity including trade mark holders. Registration for a “.my” domain name has always been on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

8. Lookup for 2LD should be maintained and it should reflect the name as printed in the IC for individual cases.
9. Domain squatting with be addressed through the MYDRP process.
10. 2LD for ".my" will be open to the world, to promote the Malaysian brand the "boleh" ( means the 'can do') spirit.

Note is taken that the comments were divided as to whether to open “.my” 2LDs to the world. We acknowledge the concerns highlighted by the respondents not in favour of opening up 2LDs to the world but balanced against that is the national drive to enhance brand “Malaysia”/”my” globally. In line with this MYNIC is of the
intention to encourage the registration of 2LDs and enhance the “.my” brand globally subject to putting the appropriate controls into place.

This is actually a good report as it demonstrates transparency within government-linked agency. It is also a good reference to act as a base for cyber law research with regards to other matters.


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