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Google talks about a company which was started 6 years ago called SketchUp, it is really amazing as a case study for many to appreciate. Many IT startups in Malaysia don't even last for 3 years... This is why the Malaysia security commissioner has a requirement for mesdaq(stock exchange) listing which is for a company to have consistent profits of at least 3 years. Yeah, but whose fault is that... If one is going to start a company from scratch out of passions and excitement, in terms of software development, the survival rate is virtually zero because one can't simply become a hero straight from zero. You got to have some prior expertise that is relevant to your passion, time is the biggest enemy.

Is this World has more inventions than demand ?

It is tough call..

Having read Google's blog made me realized how unproductive we are in Malaysia and how unsignificant myself with respect to this world. This is perhaps perpendicular to Buddhism concept of emptyness. We are all here, breathing the same air from planet earth but because due to inability to catch up with the pace, it is seemed as though non-existence. Today as it is, Google's had been so aggressive that the world just can't live without it. Period.

They talked about things like...


Google Mars

Have all these technologies found its intended place ? In other words, can Google really justify for ROIs by investing into these technologies. Anyhow, eventually all these investment are justifiable for the sake of marketing Google's brand.

Do people actually need such technology ? or can we(Google's end users) make money from using SketchUp produce 3D on top of Google Earth?

Perhaps to promote it as virtual tourism business ? But if I can do it, can't others follow as well. If so, then it will not be a good business. Thus, there is no justification for business.

Nevertheless, at the same time, we have often heard of how bad people need technology to solve their headaches, such as...

1. Having good technology for translations.
2. Having good technology to learn about logic.
3. Having good technology to understand emotion.
4. Having good technology to help me to write blog.

Having said this, software engineers can now get excited about doing future technologies to cater for human needs, but since it took SketchUp 6 years to be recognized(to make it there), the journey is expected to be extremely tough.

Therefore, the world is probably facing a situation where there are two groups of people sitting at the wrong bus stations:

1. Software engineers doing developments which is of no direct benefits to people.
2. End-users having headaches which no software can handle.

For these two groups, their buses never come.

Future .. Solutions ?
Blogging is such a wonderful thing, it has touched millions of people daily. More to come as not everyone has the luxury of time for doing it.

Personal satisfaction can be achieved through blogging. One gets to become a thinker, philosopher, author, inventor and etc when blogging. Whether anyone is going to read your blog or had search engines crawled onto your contents are secondary issue, the primary concern is that you get to do something noble, at least that is how I put it.

To deliver those buses, end-users looking for software solutions can in fact talk to bloggers instead of searching through the search engines for the best answer because search engines have to cope with issues like SEO. There can only be 10 items to appear on the first page of search results and it may be manipulated as well. Bloggers with their sites, are indeed sub-systems of search engines because bloggers know well what they have blogged. They know the answers to your problems whenever relevancy kicks in.