Building the rabbit hole

The possibility of virtual world as prophesized by movie - The Matrix is already gaining realism.

SecondLife - A company and program (started 5 or 6 years ago), provides a virtual environment - game-like virtual world for real people to live in it, through subscriptions.

The software platform is so powerful that it allows many reality metaphor to be realized in the environment.

Currently, they are exploring other potential of benefiting from such technology other than earning online advertisement revenue. They are looking for ideas...

Google also has taken interest into it and have recently initiated a tech talk for it. Google Tech talk is organized by Google's employees for the benefit of Google's employees.

We are not sure how will Google Earth identify its position with respect to SecondLife or vice versa. It seems like Google Earth is having more popularity than the latter. However, I personally feel that SecondLife might be more flexible than former since it also provides a scripting language with complete IDE (integrated development environment). You can build objects like doing Adobe Illustrator, and the objects are automatically complemented with physics attributes (gravity effect and etc)

I am thinking that virtual tourism should be able to complement it.

The rabbit hole is waiting...