Fuzzy Logic Malaysia - Introduction

I will be doing this blog entry series weekly called the "Fuzzy Logic Malaysia".

Fuzzy Logic is an Artificial Intelligence field of computer science where the is a need to recognize grey area in order to produce much calibrated and normalized output. In essence, the concept of Fuzzy Logic caters for acceptance of "unsure" assumptions to arrive at "not sure" conclusions.

The idea of "Fuzzy Logic Malaysia" is to create a series of contents based on a series of continuous and structured source of contents. The sources must have the ability to provide strcutured and related information-tap which will not dry for the next great years of human civilization. For this reason, I have picked the source as recruitment advertisement from StarJobs (a weekly recruitment section for TheStar; a local newspaper)

Besides its consistency in terms of producing non-stop yet unpredictable information, it also provides opportunities to analyze things in a fuzzy manner; fuzzy logic.

For instance, the fact that a company is hiring legal executive may imply in many possibilities such as:

1. The company is expanding.
2. The company is moving into a new business segment.
3. The company is changing corporate strategies.
4. Someone left the company.
5. They have clientele who impose strong legal requirements.
6. The company is doing badly and people are quiting.
7. etc.

Thus, this blog series provides information for analysts, researches and content providers with compiled sources of information that may be useful for corporate development, business development, market research and etc.

The series will constantly reinvent and innovate new and better ways for reader to analyse the information for greater ambitious needs.


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