Intel - leaping challenges

Dual Core processors made its debut on August, 2005.

Not long ago, Intel completed its rebranding exercise. The real reason behind this exercise is unknown, probably they are looking for capital injection. Nevertheless, the tag line for which "Leap ahead" seems to be effective in coping with aggressive competitions from major rivals such as AMD. Is this purely image game ?

Similarly, there were many other developments related to Intel-AMD rivalry happening in the background, one of such is the supposedly AMD Subpeonas SKYPE.

Recently, it is reported that Intel will move into a long-term struggle, indicated by a drop of share to 76.9 percent.


1. Wimax chipset/card

Wimax is seen by many as successor to Wi-Fi as the former is able to support a larger range of up to 10 miles (approximately 16 KM)

2. Innovative chips - Woodcrest, 80% gain in performance with 35% reduction in power use.

We all thought that partnership with Apple is already the great leap ahead, but not enough for Intel perhaps.