is Google making many obsolete ?

Blogger LiewCF mentioned about Google Page Creator, something similar to Yahoo's Geocities.

I tried to register for one account and guess what I get ?

Traffic overloaded at their side.. This is crazy, it that many people so excited about it ?

I starting to wonder would I be obsolete one day when Google provides everything for free and not free online as Microsoft does for PC. For simple reason, if you try to create a CMS system and sell it to very low-level clientele like small companies, non-profit organizations and etc for a fee of say USD 399, the would be quite absurb because of the followig reasons:

1. They can settle their web presence requirement with Google's product such as blogspot, Page Creator and etc.
2. Your CMS(content management system) might not be as good as that of Google's free product.
3. Even if Google charges a minimal fee for these products, they(potential customers) will still go for it.

Thus, I feel that free-lancers might be facing difficulties in terms of getting new business if they don't go by the trend.

The only thing that you can do is just become a system integrator, evangelist and trainer. You don't have to build the system from scratch because Google will be doing it for you. The hardest fact is that would you still want to develop something which Google already and is currently developing ?

For instance, they are promoting Google Mini now..

Take a look at the activities of Google's Lab.

1. Large scale machine learning using Bayesian Network Models
2. Large scale email system
3. Searchable interface for information not previously easy to search or browse
4. Automated news system
5. Large scale, fault tolerance file system
6. Automated advertising system

What do you guys think ?


Anonymous said…
I think you are a google hater....
Brandon Teoh said…
actually i am not a hater of any...

but I don't want to be saying

Google is gooooooooooood all the way....

Get real.
Anonymous said…
I've manage to try out Google Page Creator, It is an ok services, better then Geocities.

Looking at what Google have now with Google Page Creator, I think CMS developers don't have to worry much anytime soon. I still can not see why a separate service, why not build Google Page Creator inside Blogger?

If you are developing a paid product that rivals one of Google's free product, then there is only one thing to do. Make it better. May be that should be the motto for new web start-ups,.. "Make it Better then Google" ;)
Brandon Teoh said…
Jibone has a point there..

They didn't integrate it with blogspot while at the same time they are planning to charge fee for Google Pages.

Perhaps to cushion devastating effect.

This shows that Google does consider many aspect of the industry and also being prudent in not creating manipulative opportunities for abuse.
Anonymous said…
hear jibone. why are you scared of google affecting you? just make it better than google.
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