Production & Graphic Arts Consultant

Canon-Marketing Malaysia had recently invite talents for their latest recruitment drive.

One of the position available is called the Production & Graphic Arts Consultant.

I thought about it for some time and try to find the logic behind the title.


1. Promote sales and develop Canon digital printing solutions to production & graphic arts customers.
2. Conduct system requirements study, demonstrations and built rapport with all level of users.
3. Identify and evaluate suitable tools, software and hardware in the market to meet customer's printing needs.
4. Promote the use of Canon large format printer among production & graphic arts customers.

1. Diploma/Degree in science, computing, computer science, engineering or any related fields.
2. Minimum 2 years' experience in printing or IT system sales, pre/post-sales support.
3. Good knowledge of digital arts, digital printing solutions, pre-press, commercial printing or publishing.
4. Sales and/or technical experience in digital printing press will be advantageous.
5. Outgoing personality with strong command of both vocal and written English.

Now, it is indeed a sales job. I am pretty sure that you will have to meet sales quota.

But why call the production and graphic arts consultant ? why not digital printing solution consultant ?

I like to suggest that the answer is similar to why the insurance industry is seing a shift of trend towards financial planning oriented. Insurance agents these days are better known as financial planners, even though approaching clients, making cold-call and collecting money is still part of the game.

Similarly, the idea here is to approach customers from another angle; production and digital arts angle.

Production talks about issues like materials, processes (i.e prepress), best practices, costings, wastes, data management and etc. In other words, to sell printers from this angle, consultants may attack customers using many techniques and eventually swallow customers using "total solution" mouth.

For digital arts, it covers things like vector, bitmap, CMYK, RGB and etc. According to Wikipedia, there may be three types of digital arts:

1. Fractals - Shapes that appear at all scale of magnifications.
2. Scanned image
3. Vector graphics

Other terms related to prepress.