RSS hijack

On Feb 26, 2006. This blog started to receive RSS feed from on a "refresh" time basis.

RSS is a web service which is powered by XML. RSS is a file format (in XML) established for web sites to exchange information. Another similar format is known as Atom (XML).

Thus, this blog is supposed to leverage on Jiboneus blog's contents for readers' enlightenment. I considered Jiboneus blog as having unsatiable appetite for new things in the Internet, therefore excitement are really high.

To do that, I have need a RSS reader (a script/program which will do the following things)

1. Use web service to retrieve the RSS feed from Jiboneus blog.
2. Receive the RSS feed via HTTP and then parse through its contents.
3. Format the contents into HTML format.

Since lazy to do coding, I resorted to make use of free service from FeedSweep.

It is a great free service and we thank the team for that. Nevertheless, recently I noticed some intriguing events appeared. Apparently, the feeds which are presented back to this blog are being hijacked, instead of having contents from Jiboneus blog, other blogs' or web sites' contents were feeded in here.

For instance, today I got the feed from instead of Jiboneus Blog.

I am still not sure whether Outrageneousaccent has hijacked the path of the packets delivering RSS feeds from Jiboneus to my blog or is it due to some bugs at FeedSweep's backend processes.

Nevertheless, this is something quite interesting to note.