SEO best practice - March 06

This blog collected 200 + unique visitors for the first time in history for 3rd march 2006.

How did it happen ?

1. Due to popular topics' blog entries.

Many traffics are coming from this two entries.

Product Key Failed Validation

2. Linked to Google's Blog

When you link to a google blog's entry, it will reciprocate by linking-back to you. There is a checking mechanism to keep fraud out, where only the latest entry in your blog (the first entry of the RSS link) may be considered by them (google blog) to be worthy of linking-back. This is to prevent you from going back to previous entries and start to do link-farming to Google Blog. Therefore, there is nothing illegal with linking to Google Blog.

SEO Further Exercise:

From the experiences of jobsandmore... where it is good to follow the tai-ko's (leader) footstep to achieve great results.

Following LiewCF's footstep..

I have proceeded to do the following..
1. Register with FeedBlitz A RSS service which allows other to subscribe to your blog's entries as newsletter.
2. Register with An open source web directory.
3. Register with Open knowledge library. However, it is not too user friendly. I couldn't FTP file to the folder.

All these are expected to create more collateral links for my URL and thus enhancing SEO.


Please read my justification for SEO here .. the case for spam-get dirty

My two cents for SEO exercise..
1. If you have a normal web site.

Simply start a blog and place it as part of the web site.
For instance, if your company URL is, thus perhaps you should start a blog and then link to as

In your blog, try to write something decent and occassionally, link back to Google's Blog because Google is our big brother, Internet concerns Google and Google concerns Internet. By doing so, you will receive reciprocal links from Google and thus generating more traffic to your site.

According to LiewCF, as your link-collaterals build up, SEO will work for you. Then there is no case for spamming other blogs' comment.

2. If you have a blog-centric web site.

Even better, then you are one step ahead. Search out other blog entries in this blog for SEO experiences.

Thanks to LiewCF.