SEO - The soft skills

We have mentioned a few SEO related issues since March 2006.


Now let's take a look into some soft-skills aspect with respect to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)..

To me, the best way of achieving SEO effects for any web sites (URLs) is through blogging. This is because the bottom line of SEO is by increasing the nos. of incoming link to your URL. Blogging is one good way because it gives one the opportunity to expand yourself, by producing contents from your thoughts. For instance, if you have a web site for an engineering company, there can only be SO many things you can write (for the web pages) about (tools, service, prices, testimonial).

However, by opening up to blogging, one can virtually blend in other elements into the core ideas, creating contemporary relationships with the Internet world. For instance, you can always relate to Google's product, such as Google Video in one way or another. Not only did it provide one with contents for blogging, also it caters for rejuvenation towards developments in terms of product and organization.

Blogging is technically about content management, but not essentially. A few years back, many web sites couldn't quite afford this luxury because the cost of ownership of CMS (content management system) is probably quite high. However, with the availability of blogging services (some free) everywhere these days, the cost of implementing SEO actually dwindled.

Thus, everybody can afford SEO now, and it can be performed in-house as well.

Another SEO expert, Scott Peterson highlighted about such soft-skills in an article, where it states ..

1. "Radar Defense" of others when receiving spam email messages.
2. People tends to trust printed material such as news more than anything.
3. The only way to break throught these radar defense systems is by means of gaining their trusts, which can be done through writting articles.

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