Voiceobject going global

VoiceObject is a German-based company with partners include SAP.

The envision VUI (vocal user interface), analogous to GUI for graphical user interface.

It claims to fame is not that it has reinvented voice-applications but that the company has found a way to make voice applications easy to construct and easy to use.

CEO, karl-Heinz Land predicts sales will rise from some $24 million in 2005 to $200 million by 2008.

Original narrated by Time, December 12, 2005. William Boston/Berlin

Global marketing strategies

Recently they initiated a Global Partner Program targeting system integrators, value-added resellers, OEM, professional service providers.

The benefits for partner program are..

1. Sales support resources
2. Product, marketing presentations
3. Software demonstrations
4. A wide range of marketing materials
5. Training and coaching materials

This is important in two ways...

1. Let people know that there are something to learn from you.
2. Help them to save time and money.