Figuring out the objectives

As I was figuring out the ideas which would enable me to become an entrepreneur, and a great one. I went through mental struggles. I know from the fact that to become a worldwide force, the vision has to be a worldwide impact. So much so that it has be somehow related to changing people's life or enhancing life. If we are going to say that we want to build software to target the SME, then it will never go great because because the objectives are so specifically engineered and focused, not taking in considerations for external forces which may bring about unfavourable conditions to meet business expectations.

This world is already at its best. The only left that is important is for every human being to achieve self-realization. The quest for miraculous feats such as cloning, eternity and etc are not required.

Google was started off as a trial-and-error project. Even though its founders are smart and fun, they have no reason to fail because there is no deadlines.

Thus, there is no way we can do anything similarly 9 years later when it was all started. Even if you are given a big venture capitalist funding (which you will not get), you might still not able to make it.

Thus, what is left now, which I have reasons to believe are:
1. Helping people to earn the same amount of money in lesser time. --> Automation
2. Helping people to live the dream lifes in current life. --> VR
3. Helping people to become smarter (Learning a new language and doing translations seem to work for me)
4. Helping the natural environment.

Figuring out the objectives is important.


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