Having real-time information at your palm

Google has revolutionalized search engine. However, they are not the only one available to do that.
Based on the book "the google story", I have learnt that:

1. Yahoo uses google's search algorithm.
2. Ask Jeeves uses "Teoma" algorithm, developed by several professors at Rutgers university.

So, we got a lot of information out there, but how much of that has benefited us directly rather than creating a reason for web surfing and information research. Has our life already been changed so much so that decisions are based on available informations ? Even if we do that, to what percentage of that has been done on real-time basis ?

There is a saying that the Malaysian economy is based on crude oil prices, where having risen to $100 per barrel would cause it trumbling down. Currently, it stands at $71.88.

Also, the recent publication from The Star about the average rising of temperature to 0.8C for the last 35 years has brought about unusual thunderstorm and lightning which was responsible for many destruction. This is certainly not a plesant news for the country.

Therefore, I predicted that some day, we would be able to have real-time informations delivered to our palm; via mobile technologies. And we should be able to access information using GIS interfaces.

The truth is out there.