HP PSC 1402 unable to print

I just got a new printer HP PSC 1402 installed to a Windows XP system.

Initially, it couldn't print out for good. Trying to cancel requested print job was equally suck as hell. Nevertheless, the printer was in good shape and it could perform self-alignment test and other functions such as copying and etc. It just wouldn't print document based on request, not even "print test page". In all it seemed like it couldn't communicate with the PC via USB.

oh hell, what should I do now ? shouldn' HP just work like tat ?

The next thing I did was to figure out who were faulty ? Printer, Windows XP or simply the USB ports (software / hardware)...

I first tested with my laptop.. initially, it seemed like not going as well. Then, suddenly, it worked. This means that the printer is functional per se.

Then, I hooked an old printer Canon iP1000 to the Windows XP and it couldn't work well too. At certain instance, the error message mentioned "USB device is not recognized".

Therefore, this brings a strong case towards problem with USB; hardware or software. The first thing I did was to uninstall each of the USB devices registered to Device manager. For Windows XP, restarting the PC will get them being reinstalled back.

After the restart, problem solved. It was USB ports software corruption.