Marketing Strategy - Free for grap

There is a saying that Malaysian cannot resist free thing.. however, this is depending on the nature of the "free" gift.

Free things which I can't resist:

1. Grants/scholarship for study, R & D and business setup.
2. Free movie tickets
3. Free interest rate for credit cards, loans and etc.
4. Free Internet subscription
5. Free phone calls.
6. Free download of movies, software and music.
7. Free petrol.
8. Free parking.

Free things which I will resist:
ANYTHING as long as I need to provide you with details of my home address, home phone and IC number.

Thus, providing something for free has always been a good marketing strategies, but it is really a fair deal for the recipient ? To figure out the answer, we need to evaluate the objective of the strategy...

For instance, AirAsia 2005 crazy 2 million nos. of free air-ticket for grap has set the standard that providing a free "interface" may not be harmful towards revenue generation. Many speculation arised aftermath, trying to reason how AirAsia actually make the profit. Nevertheless, the idea of "everybody can fly now" is so greatly immersed within the heart of many that the cost of traveling from anywhere to KLIA has been considered as negligible.

DIIP Dot Net, a MSC status web solutions company is again providing similar "free" effort, by providing 1000 SMI with free web site solutions for one year only. The fact that Malaysia has 349, 617 nos. of SME/SMI registered proved that it is a good deal, a great marketing campaign to attract the whole market by profiting only less than 1 percent of the group.

This is good because other people such as freelancers can ride on this opportunity to help customers (SME/SMI) to apply for such facility, and should the 1000 free seats are no longer available, then freelancers may be able to charge for the service.

Take a look at another local web solutions company profile.. Web Channels

At another development, hardware giant Intel Corp is also having plans for SME/SMI market, via its PAT technology.