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I received a newsletter from Commission Junction... about publisher strategy.. I find it that it is quite a helpful theory for blogger to improve their blog... It encompasses things like SEO and etc. It can be a good reference for knowing what is to be done in the marco manner, meaning to say that based on these strategies, blogger may be able explore the following issues:

1. What you want to achieve ?
2. Where are your now ?
3. How do you plan to get there ?
4. What price you are willing to pay for to get there ?

To keepalive as what Cisco router would do...

The following are the strategy shared for free..

Based on the strategy, it is also understood that the biggest price to pay for is commitment. You just got to keep providing rapport.

Traffic - Driving It, Keeping It, Converting It
As long as you are not sitting in it, traffic is a welcome site to any publisher. But how can you best monetize those wandering online eyes? In this issue of the CJ Wire, we look at traffic and focus on how to best find it, keep it, and, most importantly, convert it.

Step One - Drive Traffic
You might be a great publisher, but are you a good advertiser? It is important for you to attract quality traffic to your site to help increase conversions that, in turn, increase your revenues. By taking some tips from our advertising partners, you can increase the quantity and quality of your traffic. Check to make sure you are adhering to the best practices to get people to visit your site. Here are some important lessons you can learn from your advertising partners:

  • Hide and Seek - Look for new customers on chat rooms, blogs, complementary sites, associations, and groups of people that would be interested in your site.
  • Channel Surf - Can you take advantage of e-mail campaigns or traditional online banner ads? Do some research to see if you need a multi-channel approach to driving traffic.
  • Cover the Basics - Are you listed on basic search and Web directories? Are you looking beyond Google and Yahoo!? Don't get tunnel vision. Second- and third-tier search engines are great options to help drive more traffic to your site and can be very cost-effective.
  • Search High and Low - Probably the most important way to drive quality traffic is to have a comprehensive search program. Make sure your content is current to enhance your natural search listings. To increase your ranking within the search engines' natural search rankings, you need to generate as many links to your site as possible. Get some buzz going with press releases, blogs, or a unique set of features that allow people to link to from their sites.
  • Click Up Your Heels - Investigate a pay-per-click program to see if it is a viable option.
  • You can find more tips about search engine optimization here.

Step Two - Driving in the Right Direction - Quality Traffic

It is easy to just think in terms of the number of potential customers visiting your site, but you should change your thinking and look into the quality of those visitors. We define quality traffic as someone who is genuinely interested in your content or product. Driving people with no connection or excitement to your site wastes everyone's time and energy. This is why we encourage our publishers to value quality over quantity. So, how can you drive quality consumers?
  • Price Comparison Sites - Many online shopping sites, such as PriceRunner, will list product information and pricing for free. Set up product catalogs and feeds with sites like PriceRunner to ensure you are in front of consumers at critical decision-making times.
  • Be Specific - Are your key words too broad? Make sure you have investigated all ways for someone to find your products - right down to SKU numbers and product detail. This will help attract customers as they are ready to make a purchase.
  • Think Locally - 70% of online households use the internet to search for local services and businesses. Take advantage of the geographical targeting capabilities of the major search engines to create localized campaigns. Increasing the relevancy of your campaign will increase conversions.
  • Think Globally - Consider promoting some of the many international programs that are available for US-based publishers. When launching an international campaign, make sure that you take into account spelling variations and different regional search habits. Consider hosting your pages in the country in which you are trying to increase their ranking. Also be sure to have as many local sites from that county linking to your site, which will increase your rank.
  • Put into Context - Have you considered contextual search? By having an ad or text link next to and matched with a relevant article or other non search engine-generated content, you can increase the likelihood of receiving higher quality traffic.
  • Best Behavior - Behavioral advertising is like a close cousin of contextual search; behavioral advertising is based on a user's historical behavior on the Web, which helps you focus your ad delivery on your target audience.
Step Three - Keeping the Traffic There

While we are not saying you should have "gridlock" on your site, there are some ways for you to make sure visitors stick around awhile to help convert eyeballs to customers. Remember, your goal is to build relationships with your visitors - you want to turn them into lifelong customers. Here are some tips to help you keep your visitors on site:

  • Freshen Up - Keep your content and creative fresh. Nothing is worse than a customer thinking "been there, done that" and leaving to find something new. Change is good.
  • Make it Special - If possible, create a promotion or contest to not only keep people on the site, but to get them to come back to check results.
  • Learn from the Best - Look at the top-ranked pages within your category, as well as other unrelated categories, and try to determine what makes them unique. What do they have that encourages people to visit and remain on their site? Try applying some of those principles to your site.
  • Don't Back Up - One factor that contributes to a lower search ranking in the search engines are users hitting the 'back' button after clicking through your search engine listing. The engines realize that your site is relevant for a particular search term; however, this is not a good user experience so as a result, your site ranking goes down. Do what you can to keep people on your site after they first click through.
  • Tool Time - Consider adding a unique free tool or "widget" to your site to get visitors to remain on your site, as well as revisiting your site. Encouraging customers to link directly to the "widget" will also increase your natural search ranking.
  • Brush Up on Technology - From podcasts to RSS feeds, there are a lot of new ways to keep your customers interested. For more information, please click here.

Step Four - Conversion - Driving in the Fast Lane

Above all, your first and foremost thoughts should be on delivering value to those that come to your site - this will help convert shoppers into consumers. Here are some tips on how to bring the best to your visitors:

  • Soft Landing - Build landing pages for each keyword you are targeting instead of directing everyone to the home page. With custom landing pages, consumers are one step closer to making a purchase.
  • Solid Foundation - A well-designed site that is easy to navigate is one of your best tools to convert traffic. Also, make content easy to find. Use call-to-action buttons (such as "Buy It Now!") to cut down on the number of clicks and make sure that the button is placed "above the fold" on the page to increase conversions.
  • Show Off - Use Commission Junction's reporting tools to show offers for best sellers or hot items. Keep successful promotions front and center.
  • Give them a Push - Offers, such as free shipping, sometimes give that little extra something a consumer is looking for. Everything from limited time offers to discounts can go a long way.
  • Don't Overreach - Are you offering what you promised? Nothing will turn away a customer like a misleading ad. Make sure your content is relevant to your search terms to give them what they want. Remember, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to traffic.


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