Solving RSI with automation

Google blog's recent entry about Avoiding RSI; no-follow,; which estimated to cost US $20 billion annually.

Personally, I had encountered some instances of RSI after a full day of typing.

Hence, have anyone thought about contigency plan for RSI ?

My hope is that by the next decade, automation should NOT just be applicable to business processes, but,  it should also be applicable to processes at the personal level, particularly those which help with automating work processes.

One good example is the usage of bulk emailing software;no-follow,

I am quite sure that Google Lab is already developing many personalized technology for its user currently.

I am waiting for the day to come when I don't have to study through a 200 pages book, yet is still able to appreciate and comprehend everything as though I have actually read it page by page - as good as it gets...

That is what I called personal automation.