Google Climbing Corporate Ladder

I have previously made serious allegation that Google's product for enterprising edition is not something to brag about. It was merely to serve for political correctness.

However, I could be wrong... I mean Google is just like Microsoft, Sun Microsystem and etc, they have the resources and they could just manage anything.

Recently, they are getting real with corporate deals.

They are going to penetrate the corporate market with partnerships with major enterprise solution vendors such as Cognos, SalesForce and SAS. This is a good move because partnership is a great asset to a company.

Critics felt that Google don't have that kind of corporate look to impress CIO. However, supporters felt that the Google brand is just enough to get anyone to be excited about any corporate offering.

Personally, I feel that Google should sell enterprise edition in a personal way. Since they have been so popular, they should have been just directly sell the software from the website alone (perhaps they have failed). The thing with impressing CIO is that it is very personal. CIOs will only those those whom they trusted and even so, they would have preferred vendors in their minds.

The process of partnership with Cognos, SAS and Salesforce is a long-ended thing. But it would not be a problem for Google given its superiority and honour earned amongst its peer. In all, the success of Google enterprise software division to meet the target of breaking the 1% of total revenue from 2005 will not be something which everybody would be taking about.

Even though 1% of USD 6 billion is still a lot of money to many.