How to compete with Google ?

The Google Economy .. as narrated in the book "The Google Story" described that it is probably as strong an economy like any countries. In other words, economics theories and other business related books and documentations would be deemed outdated without including a section on Google Economy, so much so for the father of modern economics Adam Smith.

So, what is it about the Google Economy ?
Is it about its advertising potential ?
or is it about China ?

or is it about making things free and accessible for everyone and try to make money later, with whatever means possible ?

So, Google runs company like a research institutes, where computer science and mathematics are king. However, they are not selling software and consultancy, they are providing free contents. And they make money from dollar per dollar.

Eventually, what this means is that by providing things for free (Search, Google Earth, 3D software), they will for sure gather a huge mass of audiences, and even though they are providing non-free versions of those softwares(enterprise edition) for corporations and etc, I strongly would like to believe that not much sales had been achieved through that channel(corporate channel). I like make an allegation that those enterprise editions are just to make things to become politically correct.

And even if you are going to make use of those free services to make some money, Google will still earn it somehow and someway because eventually they are source. For instance, if you are going to use the 3D software to create GIS interface for your city, embedd it to Google Earth and sell it as content to other people, all these are eventually Google's content. You can have a great portal - serving millions of people, however the bottom line is that these audiences are ultimately Google's audiences. And there is saying that if every single person in China would just contribute USD 1 to your pocket, you only need to live for another day to see a billion bucks in your account.

So how do I fight this war now ?
Is it really a challenge now to create another 3D software and hope to sell it for USD 99 per individual license and USD 1,500 per enterprise edition. It seems a little outdated isn't it ?

Can we really defeat an economy ? We need to consult NATO for that.

I heard about interviews from prestigous company like Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where they would ask question like ...

1. If nobody were to die, what would happen to this world in 10 years ?
2. If you were a terrorist, how would you destroy a city in one day ?

Definitely, if someone were to bomb Google's core system, the world would be devastated. But of course, Google would have been prepared.

I am still thinking....

Without Google, you wouldn't even get to read this blog entry of mine.

Long live Google, long live.

Life goes on for others.


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