Inbound logistic of your web site

As I was pondering over the 4 Ps of marketing; price, place, promotion, product. I took into interest promotion particularly where it is supposed to be identifying the methods of promotion.

If you going to tell that using Internet for "Promotion", then that is not quite accurate because Internet should belong to "Place"; to have a web presence. "Promotion" is more like saying cold-calling and spam-email. In other words, when you have the web presence, what is next ?

An advertisement from Google Adsense about messaging system took my interest. It is from a company called Interfaceware. It provides two main softwares; Chameleon and Iguana.

Chameleon - Messaging tool supporting HL7 standard
Iguana - EAI/ETL tool for HL7 to database.

My first problem with understanding this message they are giving across is that I am not sure what "messaging system" is ? Is it related to telecommunication systems or SMS systems ?

I could understand what Iguana does explicitly because I had experiences with EAI/ETL tool for business intelligence. However, I speak for myself only.

Then, I found the answer for the meaning of messaging system through a tutorial provided under "Resource" tab.

Essentially, a messaging system is supposed to let two or more discrete systems talk to each other. It is not meant to let two databases talk to each other.

The problem they are trying to solve is to get disparate IT systems in the hospital environment to communicate through one logical channel; the messaging system.

The big question is "how do you get existing HIS to talk to Chameleon"?
The answer as we would all guess is "we have to embed more codes into existing HIS" using Chameleon's API.

My comment for InterfaceWare's inbound logistic usage of web site as the promotion's place and that their promotion strategy was meant to target those who are familiar with messaging and HIS system. I came to this conclusion based on the primarily fact that the home page didn't try to address explicitly the following facts:

1. What is messaging system ? Is it SMS system ?
2. What is HL7 standard ?
3. Where does Chameleon and Iguana fit in to existing IT infrastructure of a hospital?
4. How does existing system communicate with Chameleon ?

We have to dig through the pages to get the answer.


Anonymous said…
we needed something more comprehensive in its ability to integrate with databases/files/webservices/SOA etc. We chose the eTX HMIE from

Good try I'faceware.
Anonymous said…
Good. The more you use insipid terms like 'organize, effectively, optimize, synergy', the more you sound like..............